Music is a gift from above, and whether you are a listener, instrumentalist or a producer, et cetera, if you love music, then you are a musician. Some of us are lucky enough to be instrumentalists, but a music-lover just is a musician. 

Music loving seems to be something that is uniquely human. From the times of the so-called caves, humans have used music for worship, work and play. What other animal does this? In the 21st century, moreover, you can find a global musician's community online sharing the divinity that is music. 

JamHQ abhors the apparent competition between instrumentalists. JamHQ sincerely hopes that you support all musical artists. Musicians make our lives better simply by just doing what they do. 

Lastly, JamHQ  believes that music loving can only occur in a community. In the 21st century, the community is global. JamHQ is committed to doing its part to help foster and maintain this international community of musicians.