Welcome to the homepage of JAMHQ.COM

This site provides free resources to musician of all levels of skill, as well as to musical educators. On this site, therefore, you will find links to numerous backing tracks that can be used for training or just plain fun. The music in them is played and recorded by professionals, and moreover they are intended to recreate the “club experience.” You can think of them as your own private band that you can summon to play whenever you'd like.

Educators will find such things as scale and chord charts, blank sheet music and other goodies that should make your work-life easier.

For music lovers, there are free ebooks on musical topics, the backing tracks and our rut-busting series, which is designed to stretch your ears and generate new musical ideas in you.

The materials are all free, and they are for Drummers, Bassists and Guitarists. So, dive in and enjoy. 

Requests and constructive comments are always welcome.

Have an awesome day (or night),

and most importantly remember that life is short.